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Katjang goat is Malaysia’s indigenous goat breed. It is found in small populations in several parts of Malaysia, and it is considered to be at risk (DVS 2006). Katjang goat is a meat-type of animal and as described by DVS (2006), it possesses the morphological characteristics of a thin, black-coloured coat, sometimes with white patches. Individual goats are also found with black and brown coat colouration (DAD-IS, 2010), as shown in Photos 1 and 2. Average birth weight is 1.5 kg with mature weight of 25 kg for males and 20 kg for females. The average daily weight gain of the Katjang goat is 55 g/d. (Devendra & McLeroy, 1982). As an indigenous goat, Katjang possesses the natural characteristics of heat and tick tolerance under the local climate. Although their meat production may be relatively low compared to exotic goat breeds in Malaysia, they are highly adapted to the local equatorial environment (FAO 1992). Indigenous Katjang goat can act as an insurance factor against future changes in environment, particularly due to climate change; and to possible changes in production systems and utilization.

Ernie-Muneerah M.A.1,  Salleh S.I.1, Raymond A.K., Zawawi I., Hafiz A.R.1, Kamarulrizal M.I., 1 Hafizal A.M. 1, Kamaruddin M.I.2and Abu-Hassan M.A.2


1 National Institute of Veterinary Biodiversity, Bukit Dinding, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang

2 Department of Veterinary Sevices, Wisma Tani, Podium Block 4G1, 62630 Putrajaya


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Ernie Muneerah, M.A., Salleh S.I., Raymond, A.K., Zawawi, I., Hafiz, A.R., Kamarulrizal, M.I., Hafizal, A.M., Kamaruddin, M.I. and Abu Hassan M.A. Development of Katjang Goat Conservation Centre. Proceeding of 2nd National Conference on Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Utilization. May 2010 (Page 167-169).


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