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Aflatoxins    are   secondary    metabolites   produced    by   moulds    belonging    to Aspergillus species  (Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus). Aflatoxins  can  be found  in a wide variety of agricultural  and food  products especially  in cereal  and cereal products  and animal feeds  as a result of mould  contaminations before or during harvest or improper  storage  (1, 2). There  are four  major  groups  of aflatoxins:  B1,  B2, G1 and G2. Aflatoxin M 1, a metabolite  of Aflatoxin  B1 in mammals,  may be found  in the milk of animals eating feeds contaminated by Aflatoxin Bl.

Aflatoxins  are regulated  in many countries world-wide.  In the European  Union, the maximum  tolerable  level  for total  aflatoxins is 20  ng/g  in all  feed  materials  and complete  feeds for poultry, pigs, sheep, cattle and goats (except complete  feeds for dairy animals, 5ng/g) (3). A total of911 feed samples  were analysed  by the Veterinary Public Health Laboratory (VPHL)  from  year 2005 to 2009. The samples  were categorized  into four  groups:  raw feeds (wheat  bran, maize, soya  bean, palm kernel cake etc), complete feeds  (poultry  feeds,  rabbit feeds,  layer duck  feeds,  goat feeds,  cattle supplements etc), by-product  feeds  (soya  bean  hull,  brewers  grain  etc),  and grasses.  All  samples  were from  Malaysian  feedmillers, farmers,  private  and  government  sectors  and researchers. Total aflatoxins  were screened  using ELISA  technique. Members of the aflatoxin family (aflatoxin  Bl, aflatoxin  B2, aflatoxin  G1,  aflatoxin  G2  and aflatoxin  Ml) were further confirmed    using  solvent  extraction,  immunoaftinity column  (lAC)  clean-up and  LC analysis   with  fluorescence  detection   according  to  the  modified  method  of  VICAM Instruction  Manual.


H. Wan Syahidah*, S. Marni, D. Suhaimi and M. Ismail

 Veterinary Public Health Laboratory, Department  of Veterinary Services, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, 43900 Sepang Selangor

*Email: syahidah


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H. Wan Syahidah, S. Marni, D. Suhaimi And M. Ismail (2010). Occurrence of Aflatoxins in Feeds and Feedingstuffs: 2005- 2009. H. Wan Syahidah, S. Marni, D. Suhaimi And M. Ismail. In Proceedings of the Malaysian Society of Animal Production, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. 6- 8 June 2010. Pp 127-128.


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