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A three year old German Shepherd dog was presented for necropsy with the history that the dog vomited undigested meat prior to death. Owner suspected the dog had been poisoned by a neighboring factory owner. The dog was reported to be bright and alert before the incidence. External inspection of the carcass revealed the dog had poor body condition and was infested with ticks. Upon postmortem, lung exhibited multifocal haemorrhage with presence of fluid and caseous materials; hemorrhage of cardiac muscle; severe hepatomegaly in which the lover had doubled in size and was highly vascularized; there were lesions resembling multiple air sacs of various sizes in the capsule of kidney and spleen; swollen mesenteric lymph nodes filled with caseous materials; and peritoneal cavity was filled with blood tinged fluid. Besides that, digestive organs like stomach, large intestine, small intestine as well as kidney and bladder were stained red with blood. From the histopathological findings, there was evidence of alveoli rupture and edema of lung; thinning of ventricle lumen in the heart was observed together with slight congestion; liver showed evidence of loss of hepatocyte architecture; kidney showed evidence of interstitial nephritis; villous atrophy; fibrosis of spleen and presence of numerous inflammatory cells in the mesenteric lymph nodes. Bacteriology result showed that pure culture of E. coli was isolated from all organs. Based on the gross, histopathological and bacterial results, the probable cause of death is due to multisystemic infection as a result of a chronic infection by the opportunistic E. coli in an already immunocompromised dog.

Keywords: dog, multisystemic, caseous, inflammatory cells, E. coli

Veterinary Research Institute, 59 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Corresponding Author: Norazura Binti A.Hamid


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Norazura A.H. A MULTISYSTEMIC INFECTION IN A GERMAN SHEPHERD DOG. 6th MAVP Scientific Conference 2015, Best Western Marina Island Resort Pangkor, Lumut, Perak


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