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In Malaysia, Sarcocystis spp have been reported from many domestic and wild animals, including domestic and wild rats, moonrats, bandicoots, slow loris, buffalo, monkeys and man. Sarcocystis is a genus of cyst-forming coccidian parasites with obligatory two-host life cycles involving carnivorous definitive hosts and herbivorous or omnivorous intermediate hosts. In Malaysia, Sarcocystis have been reported from doemestic rat such as Rattus norvigecus and Rattus rattus diardii and field rats such as R.annandalei, R exulans and R. jolorensis. Rattus rattus diardii is commonly known to live in human environment and they are normally identified as pests to human community. Tongue sample have been collected for detection of sarcocyst by histology technique. The results show 17.3 (18 out of 104) of wild rats were detected positive for Sarcocystis spp. Wild rat as an intermediate host of Sarcocystis spp also pose a public health risk due to their close proximity to human habitation. Human infection with sarcocystis spp. from wild rat result in human muscular sarcocystosis. Human will shows the symptoms of myalgia, erythematous subcutaneous nodules, fever, bronchospasm, cough, headaches, loss appetite and weight loss. Most of the cyst reported in human muscle resembled those seen in moonrat were Echinosorex gymnurus. Overall seroprevalence among the main racial groups in Malaysia indicates that sarcocystosis may be emerging as a significant food-borne zoonotic infection in the country.

Keywords: sarcocystis, wild rat, histological

J. Niny Fariza, A.B. Norazian, S. Ali, A.H. NorazuraAnd Z. A Fazly Ann 

Veterinary Research Institute, 59 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Corresponding Author: Niny Fariza Binti Junoh


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J. Niny Fariza, A.B. Norazian, S. Ali, A.H. NorazuraAnd Z. A Fazly Ann. DETECTION OF SARCOCYSTIS spp IN WILD RAT BY HISTOPATHOLOGY. Proceeding MAVP 2015


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