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Dairy goat has been recently recognized to serve an important role in Malaysia. Due to its size, dairy goat is easier to be managed as it requires less feed and smaller facilities compared to dairy cattle and buffalo which is cost-saving for farm producers (Salleh et. al, 2010). These cost-saving  aspect to foresee as the feed cost such as corn, soya bean meal and other feed has been kept increasing. Development of milk production from goats from small holder farmers can complement commercialized milk production by cattle and buffalo according to Devendra. C.(1970).

Shami is a damascus goat that serve dual-purpose which originated from Syria. It is widely spread to Cyprus, Jordan, and other Mediterranean countries (Mavrogenis, 2006)  as Shami breed has been recognized for its highly yield milk yield and twinning (Khazaal,K.(2009) .  For over 40 years, it has been improved through genetic improvement selection for milk and meat (Mavrogenis et. al, 2006). The first batch of Cyprus Shami has been brought in to Malaysia government farm, National Institute of Veterinary Institute since October 2009 for a bio-prospect study (Salleh et. al, 2010) . 

The present study aims to determine the mortality rate and adaptability of newly introduced Shami into tropical environment of Malaysia. Although the robustness and adaption of Shami goat in new environment is higher compared to other animals ( (2001) , goat can be predispose to many diseases such as worms, Johnes’ Disease, septicemia, metabolic diseases and others tropical diseases (Kahn.C.M., The Merck Veterinary Manual, 9th edition) .   


Lai.S .Z1, Salleh, S.I1, Mohd-Hafiz A.R. 1, Ernie-Muneerah, M.A1, Saifullizam A.K 2 , Hisham, A.R 1

1National Insitute of Veterinary Biodiversity, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang

 2Division of Genetic Sources and Development, Department of Veterinary Service



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Lai, S.Z., Salleh, S.I, Mohd-Hafiz, A.R., Ernie-Muneerah, M.A., Saifullizam, A.K. and Hisham, A,R. Preliminary Study on Mortality and Adaptability of Newly Adapted Shami Breed into Malaysia. Proceedings of the 1st Asia Dairy Goat Conference. April 2012 (Page 240-242).


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