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Dairy goat has a good potential to help increase in milk production in the country. Dairy goats, as compared to, is easier to handle than dairy cows and buffaloes due to its small size and require less feed than a dairy cows (Salleh et. al, 2010). Shami goat is a dual-purpose goat originated from Syria. It is widely distributed in Cyprus, Jordan, Turkey, Israel and other Mediterranean countries (Mavrogenis et. al, 2006). The breed is considered as one of the best dual-purpose breeds of the Middle East under semi-intensive or intensive production systems. These goats are of the Nubian type and are usually reddish or brown but may also be seen in pied or grey, and sometimes black (Aaron and Idan, 2003). Withers measurement is about 78 cm; body circumference is about 97 to 99 cm. Adult live weight is about 65.5±5.0 kg for females and 75±5 kg of males. 


Salleh, S.I, Mohd-Hafiz, A.R., Ernie-Muneerah, M.A., Mastura, Y. & Lai, S.Z.


National Institute of Veterinary Biodiversity, Bukit Dinding, 27000 Jerantut, Pahang.

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Salleh, S.I, Mohd-Hafiz, A.R., Ernie-Muneerah, M.A., Mastura, Y. and Lai, S.Z.  Morphological Characteristics of Shami Goats in Malaysia. Proceedings of the 1st Asia Dairy Goat Conference. April 2012 (Page 236-239).


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