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This paper reports on the isolation of Mycoplasma sp from various animal host in Malaysia from 2006 to 2009. Samples received for Mycoplasma isolation were submitted to Avian Bacteriology, Veterinary Research Institute, Ipoh. The samples were cultured onto Pleuropneumonia Like Organism (PPLO) agar and broth and were incubatedat 37°C with fie to ten percent carbondioxide. Presumptive Mycoplasmacolonies were passaged onto PPLO agarwithout antibiotic three to four times forpurity. The organisms were then subjectedto biochemical tests and growth inhibitiontest for species confimation. Identifiation of Mycoplasma species was made based on available specifi antisera which focus onthe pathogenic Mycoplasma of veterinaryimportance. From July 2006 to 2009,there were 70 isolations were isolated from various animal hosts namely; avian, porcine, caprine and bovine. From avian (poultry and bird), Mycoplasma synoviae (M. synoviae) (3), M. gallisepticum (3), M. gallinarum (9) and M. columborale (2) were isolated. From porcine (pig), M. hyorhinis (7) and M. hyosynoviae (1) were isolated; from caprine (goat and sheep), Mycoplasma arginini (17) and M. agalactiae (3) were isolated while frombovine (cattle), Mycoplasma bovis (2) and Mycoplasma alkalescens (2) were isolated. The isolation of Mycoplasma alkalescens from cattle is reported for the fist time in Malaysia. Other 21 Mycoplasma isolations were identifid only as Mycoplasma species due to unavailability of specifi antisera. Further study on the pathogenicity of Mycoplasma species, particularly on the newly isolated species, is essential to better understand the roles of the organism in inducing disease in livestock animal.

Keywords : Mycoplasma , pleuropneumonia like organism

Dahlia H., TAN L.J., Zarrahimah Z., Chandrawathani P. And Ramlan M.

Veterinary Research Institute, Department of Veterinary Services. 59 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

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Dahlia H., TAN L.J., Zarrahimah Z., Chandrawathani P. And Ramlan M. Isolation Of Mycoplasma Species From Various Animal Hosts In Malaysia. Malaysian  Journal Of Veterinary Research Volume 2 N O. 1 January 2011. Pg: 53-57


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