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This  study  reports  the identification  of Salmonella  serotypes  in meat samples submitted to the Veterinary Research  Institute  (VRI)  for  diagnosis. A  total  of  425 Salmonella  isolates  were received from the Veterinary Public Health Laboratory  and  Regional  Veterinary Laboratories,  Malaysia  from  January  to December 2009.  All were serotyped for Salmonella serotypes using Kauffmann- White classification scheme.  Out of the total, 31 different serotypes were identified from buffalo, beef, poultry and pork meat. The dominant serotypes identified were S.  Typhimurium (12.7%), followed by S. Enteritidis (12.5%), S. Corvallis (11.6%), S. Senftenberg (11.1%) and S. Indiana (8.1%). Other Salmonella   serotypes   isolated included S.  Typhi-Suis, S.  Weltevreden, S.  Albany, S.  Agona and S.  London.    In poultry meat, S.  Enteritidis (23.3%), S. Corvallis (21.8%), S.  Indiana (15.9%) and S.  Typhimurium (13.4%) were the common serotypes isolated. Salmonella Senftenberg (35%) was the most common Salmonella serotype identified in buffalo meat whereas, Salmonella Senftenberg (17.3%) and S.  Agona (17.3%) were most commonly isolated from beef. Salmonella Typhi-Suis (51.2%) was mostly identified in pork followed by S.  Typhimurium (34.1%), S.  Weltevreden (7.3%) and S. Corvallis (4.9%).  Results  of  the  present study  indicated  that  the  Salmonella species  were  commonly  found  in  beef, pork,  buffalo  and  poultry  meat  samples from retail plants in Malaysia. Therefore, it is highly recommended to adopt proper personal and meat hygiene procedures in the meat production line to  ensure  that meat and meat products are safe for human consumption.

Roseliza R., Maswati M.A., Hasnah Y. And Ramlan M. 

Veterinary Research Institute, 59 Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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Roseliza R., Maswati M.A., Hasnah Y. And Ramlan M. Identification Of Salmonella Serotypes Isolated From Meat Samples In Malaysia. Malaysian Journal of Veterinary Research (Volume 2 No. 2 January 2011) Page: 59-64.


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