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Evaluation of whole blood test kit for Salmonella screening for poultry

Salmonellosis is an important disease in poultry. Flock screening using rapid salmonella stained antigen is recommended by OIE for rapid diagnosis. A study was conducted to evaluate the performance of Salmonella stained antigen produced by VRI (SAPEN) and &n

Ascaridiosis complicated with Mycoplasma spp. infection in village chickens

3 village chickens consist of 2 live birds and 1 dead bird aged 6 months old from the same population were presented Kuantan Regional Veterinary Laboratory on 7 December 2017 for disease investigation by the Kuantan District Veterinary Service Office personn

A comparison of the straw technique and conventional technique for sample collection for Rabies FAT

Rabies is caused by Lyssavirus of the Rhabdovirus family. Rabies was recently reported in 2017 in Sarawak and 2018 in Perlis. The straw technique requires an ordinary drinking straw and skill for the brain sampling. On the other hand, the conventional techni

Histopathological and virus tissue distribution of Avian Reovirus Cluster IV in Malaysia

 Avian Reovirus (ARV) has been known to cause a wide range of disease presentations affecting the avian species. This study was performed to compare the microscopic lesions induced by ARVs histologically in six different tissues such as tendon, liver, l

The challenges for development of biogas plants from animal manure in Malaysia

Development of biogas plants from livestock waste in Malaysia is still at its infancy stage compared to biogas plants from other sources of waste. Issues and challenges for its development could be observed from many points of view. To date, there are at lea

Preliminary study on viability of small-scale biogas plant design in dairy farms in Sabah, Malaysia.

In 2009, Malaysia introduced National Green Technology Policy with its main agenda was to increase the development of green technology in Malaysia. During the first 2 years after it has been launched, the construction of green technology facilities such as b

Evaluation of diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of Melioidosis Complement Fixation Test in sheep and goat using 2124/01 Burkholderia pseudomallei antigen

 In Malaysia, Melioidosis in animals has been reported in local goats, sheep, cattle, pigs, deer, monkeys, horses, cats, dogs, and rabbits since 1921. It was also reported among orang utans at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Sandakan, Sabah in 1965

Determination of multi-class veterinary drugs in chicken feed by ultra performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry

The use of veterinary drugs including antibiotics has received global  attention in recent years especially due to the development of antimicrobial drug resistance. It is essential that suitable methods of analysis are available to control this problem.

Preliminary study on the contents of major minerals in various feedstuff

Major minerals especially magnesium, phosphorus and calcium play an important role in the development and growth of ruminants and poultry. While most feedstuffs naturally contain these major minerals at specific levels, many types of feed formulation approac

Investigation of Tetracycline antimicrobial activities against Staphylococcus aureus from clinical mastitis strains in growth media and milk

Mastitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of mammary gland which causes economic losses in the dairy industry. Antibiotic therapy has not been successful to control the disease. Interaction of the drug and protein composition in the milk like as ca

First reported case of brucellosis in Timorensis deer in Muar, Johore

Brucellosis is a major zoonotic disease caused by several Brucella species, which contributes to reproductive loss in animals. Each Brucella species tends to be associated with a specific host species, however animals are highly susceptible to cross species

First report of Madurella mycetomi induced systemic pulmonary and myocardium mycosis in Dugong dugon, Mersing, Johore

Dugongs, is also known as sea cows were registered as the endangered species (IUCN, 2010) and rare in Malaysia. Dugongs can be found in the shallow waters of shoals, reefs, sand flats, and seagrass beds throughout Johor, Sabah and Sarawak. Pulau Sibu and Pul

Common pathogens diagnosed in pig samples received by Veterinary Research Institute from year 2014 to 2017

A total of 23,322 specimens from 2,592 cases were received in Veterinary Research Institute (VRI) from various states in Malaysia and tested for common bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases in pig. From 771 samples, the highest rate of isolated bacteria &

Prevalence of blood parasites and intestinal parasites incommercial breeding porcupines (Hystrix brachyura)

A survey was carried out to determine the prevalence of blood parasites and intestinal parasites from porcupines in captivity in Peninsular Malaysia. A total of 81 blood samples and 25 faecal samples were collected randomly from commercial breeding porcupine

Growth performance of broiler chicken (Gallus domesticus) using Palm Kernel Cake based chicken feed

The study was carried out to assess the growth performance of broiler chicken fed on 30%-45% premium grade palm kernel cake (PKC) feed and the commercial feed. A total of 600 day-old broiler chicks were used to determine the efficiency of utilization PKC ani
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