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Molecular Detection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) from Avian Samples in RVLBT Using RT-PCR and Nested PCR

This paper reports the detection of Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) from avian samples submitted to Regional Veterinary Laboratory at Bukit Tengah (RVLBT) by Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) and Nested Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR

The Effect of Useful Microbes Bokashi Addition to Diet on Weight Gains of Rabbit

An experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of useful microbes-bokashi addition to the diet on the weight gains of rabbits. In total, 20 weaned rabbits (30 days old) of crossbred were divided at random among two groups (experimental and control) at

The Collective Assemblance of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) in Cats from the Four-Quarters of The Post Mortem Table

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a common, fatal and immune-mediated disease of cats caused by feline coronavirus (FCoV) infection. The clinical manifestations of FIP can be either a pathogenic disease or more commonly a benign or mild enteric infectio

A Preliminary Study on the Status of the Population of Free Roaming Dogs in Pulau Pinang

Free roaming dogs (FRD) are defined as unconfined dogs and are not prevented from roaming.  These FRDs are known to have habituated to  living closely with people with or without an owner in attendance. In Malaysia, the status quo of our FRDs and i

Potential of Biogas Plants from Livestock Waste Development in Malaysia

With the difficulty of disposal of a large amount of manure, this could cause a serious pollution threat and high nutrient release into the environment. A large amount of animal waste produced is one of the cost-effective and renewable substrates that can p

Veterinary services in Malaysia: Its relevance to nation building

A veterinarian is at the forefront in nation building. He is uniquely qualified to fulfill an array of roles apart from preventing disease and healing animals. Over the years, veterinary professionals have played considerable and contributory roles in animal and human

18th Asian-Australasian Animal production Congress. 1-5 August 2018. Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching Sarawak

Malaysian Society of Animal Production is proud to be the host of the next AAAP congress, which is held biannually. Asian-Australasian Animal Production, a consortium of animal societies, founded in 1980 with 8 charter members representing the animal production societies of Australia, Indon

Zoonotic Diseases Diagnosed From Jan 2016 To Aug 2017 In Regional Veterinary Laboratories, Department Of Veterinary Services, Malaysia

ABSTRACT Infectious diseases of livestock are a major threat to global animal health and welfare and their effective control is crucial for agronomic health, for safeguarding and securing national and international food supplies and for allevi

Anthelmintic Resistance And Its Impact On High Mortality In Small Ruminants In Malaysia

Abstract Malaysia has a total population of about 700,000 heads of sheep and goats  mainly in commercial farms as well as bred in smallholder enterprises.  As a tropical country with hot wet climate, it is the perfect environment for parasitic diseases, most com

Impact Of pH On The Viability And Morphology Of Blastocystis Isolates

Abstract: Blastocystis sp. is ubiquitous in avian, mammalian and human hosts and propagatesin either neutral or slightly alkaline conditions within the host’s gastro-intestinal tract. Of thefew previous studies on this enteric protozoan parasite

Preliminary Study On Morphological Characteristics Of Cervus Timorensis In Malaysia

Cervus timorensis or locally known as Timor Deer and Java deer is believed to be native to Java and Bali in Indonesia. It has been introduced into other countries for decades, including Malaysia in the year 1990. Cervus timorensis was listed in IUCN Red List as Vulnerable because its total native

Optimisation Of Parentage Verification Methodology Using Microsatellite Markers Through Conventional PCR In Malaysian Cattle

Parentage analysis of livestock animals is becoming increasingly utilized in the agriculture industry for selection of breed to increase production traits. Microsatellite DNA marker are a powerful tool for parentage verification. It contain 1-6bp repeat nucleotide motif and highly polymorphic. Re

The Katjang Goat: Distribution, Characteristics And Conservation Development

Katjang goat is an indigenous breed of goat in Malaysia. It is also known as Kambing Kacang, Kambing Katchang, Kambing Licin and Pea Goat. It also said to be the indigenous goat breed in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan and the southwest islands of Japan. This breed also bears resemblance

Preliminary Study On Body Weight Estimation Of Malin Sheep Using Body Measurements

Estimating the live weight for animals using body measurements is practical, faster, easier and cheaper . Different models might be needed to predict body weight in different environmental condition and breeds. Hence, the aim of this study is to determine the best fitted regression model for pred


The objective of this study was to evaluate the clinical biochemistry and haematology changes in three experimental offspring which were born from seropositive brucella bull and dams. The clinical biochemistry values were within the normal range except total bilirubin (7.33±0.64, 16.00&plu
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