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Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting in collaboration with OIE on Foodborne Antimicrobial Resistance: Role of the Environment, Crops and Biocides Rome, Italy, 11 – 15 June 2018

There is clear scientific evidence that foods of plant origin may serve as a vehicle of foodborne exposure to antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. Fruits, vegetables and other foods of plant origin can become contaminated with antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and antimicrobial resistance g

Kaedah Pembuatan Silaj Napier

Penerangan kaedah pembuatan silaj menggunakan rumput napier sebagai makanan ternakan ruminan.

Animal Production & Health Newsletter No.68 July, 2018

Our Animal Production and Health Section’s newsletter and our website are our main mechanisms for communication and contacting scientists, policy makers and all persons interested in technical support for improving animal productivity. The Animal Production and Heal

VETLAB Network Bulletin 2/2017

Transboundary animal and zoonotic diseases continue to pose serious threats to animal and human health, in particular, the recent transcontinental spread of avian influenza (AI) H5N8, genetic drift of AI in China during the 5th wave of the H7N9 epidemic and the sprea

VETLAB Network Bulletin 1/2017

For the first time, the technical meeting of the VETLAB network with the directors of veterinary laboratories was jointly organized for Africa and Asia. The laboratory network and the meeting are supported by the African Renaissance Fund and the Peaceful Uses Initiat

Control Of Poultry Mites (Dermanyssus)

Control of poultry mites: where do we stand?  This special issue of Experimental and Applied Acarology is critically arriving at the right time. Since Salmonella vaccination is now widespread within the poultry industry, it seems the new economic, welfare

Food Safety Control In The Poultry Industry

Access to a nutritionally adequate and safe food supply has long been regarded as a basic human right or, at least, an aspiration. Among the foods capable of meeting such a need, poultry products, including eggs, have a highly important part to play throughout the world. In developed countries, c


Waste adalah bahan buangan dari industri makanan, industri minyak sawit, perikanan dan pertanian yang boleh dikitar semula untuk pemakanan ter￾nakan, baja dan lain-lain. Wealth menurut Adam Smith: “Ilmu kekayaan atau ilmu yang khusus mempelajar


The trials of faecal egg count reduction test (FECR ) were conducted on sheep in the Veterinary Institute, Kluang.A total of 60 weaned sheep were selected and divided into six (6) groups. Group A was treated with Ivermectin(0.5 ml / 25 kg of body weight), Group B received Closantel (1 ml/5 kg of

Buletin Bicara Veterinar Jilid.1 No.2 (2018)

Perkongsian artikel-artikel menarik berkaitan industri penternakan negara meliputi skop penyelidikan veterinar, usahawan ternak jaya, produk inovasi, pemakanan, pembiakbakaan, kawalan pencemaran, kebajikan haiwan dan pelbagai informasi menarik berkaitan kesihatan veterinar.

Application of Blockchain Technology - 7th August 2018

Presentation from Mr Ng Kang Siong, Information Security Lab, MIMOS Bhd. on the application of blockchain technology in the perspective of management from farm to table in conjunction with Majlis Persada Inovasi Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar 2018 which was held at the Dewan Serbaguna Kement

Majlis Amanat Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Veterinar Malaysia Bersempena Majlis Persada Inovasi DVS 2018 - 7 Ogos 2017

Amanat oleh YBhg. Dato' Dr. Quaza Nizamuddin Bin Hassan Nizam bersempena Majlis Persada Inovasi Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar 2018 yang berlangsung di Dewan Serbaguna Kementerian Pertanian 7 Industri Asas Tani.

Livestock Farming In Malaysia - Livestock Asia Expo & Forum 2018. 20 April 2018

Keynote speech and presentation from YBhg. Dato' Dr. Quaza Nizamuddin Bin Hassan Nizam, The Director General of the Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia in conjunction with Livestock Asia Expo & Forum 2018.

18th Asian-Australasian Animal production Congress. 1-5 August 2018. Borneo Convention Centre, Kuching Sarawak

Malaysian Society of Animal Production is proud to be the host of the next AAAP congress, which is held biannually. Asian-Australasian Animal Production, a consortium of animal societies, founded in 1980 with 8 charter members representing the animal production societies of Australia, Indon

Veterinary Research Institute

Penerangan berkenaan fungsi dan objektif Institut Penyelidikan Veterinar sebagai institut yang bertanggungjawab dalam menjalankan kerja-kerja diagnostik veterinar.

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