This questionnaire is created to collect information and obtain public feedback in relation to drafting proposals of the Animal Welfare Regulations (Accepted Veterinary Management Procedure) under The Animal Welfare Act 2015 [Act 772]


The Animal Welfare Act 2015 (Act 772) under the provisions of Section 62 (2) (o); authorize the Minister to make regulations relating to matters of veterinary management procedures.

These regulations are for establishing both accepted veterinary management procedures and procedures not permitted to be implemented to animals. These regulations also specify the permitted parties to carry out veterinary management procedures as it may be done by any persons or authorized persons only.

This regulations will also specify person which authorized to carry out certain veterinary management procedures.


B. Purpose

The purpose of this survey is to: -

  1. Obtain feedback from the public in relation to the proposed draft of the Animal Welfare Regulations (Accepted Veterinary Management Procedures).
  2. Collect additional information from the public to be included in the regulations that are to be enacted .
  3. Fulfil the requirements procedure for preparation of the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS).


C. Method

There are 16 questions in this survey.

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