This questionnaire is created to gather information and obtain public feedback in connection with the proposal of the Animal Welfare Regulations (Transportation of Animals) under the Veterinary Welfare Act 2015 [Act772]


A. Background

The Animal Welfare Act 2015 (Act 772) under the provisions of Section 62 (2) (b) and (f); authorize the Minister to make regulations relating to matters relating to the handling of animals.

These regulations are to establish the basic requirements that must be fulfilled by each owner or carrier in ensuring that animal welfare is always at a good level and perfect. These regulations set matters pertaining to general compliance for land, air and sea transport carriers.


B. Purpose

The purpose of this survey is to: -

2.1. Obtain feedback from the public in relation to the proposed draft of Animal Welfare Regulations (Transportation of Animals).

2.2. Collect additional information from the public to be included in the regulations that are to be enacted

2.3. Fulfil the requirements procedure for preparation of the Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS)


C. Method

There are 18 questions in this survey.

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You can provide comments / additional feedback in the box provided under each question.

You are required to fill out the basic information of the respondents for the purposes of the study analysis.